International Workshop On Project-Organized and Problem-Based Learning - POPBL

International Workshop On Project-Organized and Problem-Based Learning - POPBL

27th to 29th of October 2005

The Project-Organized and Problem-Based Learning -POPBL- has been introduced as a new teaching style in technical faculties of universities. This change has been supported by the industry who demands competency not only in the fields of knowledge, but also in the fields of learning and working capabilities.

In three workshops - Leer, Germany (2002), and Groningen, The Netherlands (2003), Esbjerg, Denmark (2004) - the POPBL methodology was discussed as a teaching style adapted to nowadays learning difficulties and to the demands of engineers' education.

The discussion on possibilities and problems related to POPBL in university education continues now in the fourth workshop:

“Entrepreneurship and new competences developed through POPBL and how do we assess this?”

The objective of this workshop, organized by interested universities in Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, France and Spain is to gather persons sharing a common interest in POPBL, and to create a forum for exchange of best practices, experiences and inspirational ideas for a mutual benefit of the participants. Further, the intent is to involve universities from other countries to get a broader view on the implementation and use of POPBL in the higher education system.