Mondragon Unibertsitatea Library is a resource centre for teaching, learning, research and activities related to the running and management of the university as a whole.

Our mission is to share information and resources and provide access to the technological means that are required for in order to learn and generate knowledge at the university.

We have a total surface area of 2,782m2 distributed across four faculties. All of the libraries have WiFi. We offer 580 work stations, 15 rooms for individual and group study, a classroom which can be accessed freely, 130 PCs, scanners, photocopiers, printers and audiovisual equipment.

We also loan out computer equipment (laptops, tablets etc.), audiovisual equipment (photo and video cameras) and other materials that are considered essential to your education.

Our collection

Our collection comprises 120,000 books in print format and 15,649 books in electronic format. We also have subscriptions to over 950 print publications and provide access to 5,200 journal titles in digital format.

In addition to this, you can use our page to access the main scientific information portals, our Search engine, the library catalogue, the reservations system, and bibliographic managers, in addition to other resources and services.

Our centres

We at Mondragon Unibertsitatea provide you with all of these services at our four centres:

  • Basque Culinary Center- BCC Library in Donostia, specialising in the area of Food Science.
  • Faculty of Business Library in Oñati, Bidasoa and Bilbao, specialising in the areas of Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty of Engineering Library in Arrasate, specialising in the area of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (HUHEZI) Library in Eskoriatza and Aretxabaleta, specialising in the areas of Education, Communication and Humanities.