Guidelines for using the general library space


Please use the facilities and services in a responsible and appropriate manner. Aim to leave the facilities as you found them and inform us of any issues.

Anyone can use the library service. Access to the different resources and services depends on the group that you belong to:

  • Mondragon Unibertsitatea university community (students and teaching staff, administration and research staff).
  • Former students of Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MUkide).
  • People from outside of the university can access certain library services if they do so in a responsible and appropriate manner.

Moderate noise and silence

In order to create an appropriate environment for work and study, it is necessary to maintain a moderate level of noise, both within the Library and around its entrances.

Each Library has spaces that are designed for group work, where a moderate level of noise is permitted, and special spaces for working in silence, where no noise is permitted at all. Please respect the guidelines for the use of each space.

Work stations

Please use the Library work stations in a responsible and appropriate manner.

Use of mobile phones and other devices

You may use any mobile phone or other device as long as you avoid disturbing other library users.

User identification

All users of the library are required to provide identification if this is requested by library staff.


Non-compliance with these regulations may result in users being ejected from the Library.

If the behaviour of any user may harm the operation of the library service, the library facilities, resources and documents or other library users, each faculty may apply the penalty that they deem to be appropriate.