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Languages in Basque Country

There is a big commitment at the University and the Faculty to the Basque language. The main language of the Faculty is Basque. All students, teachers and staff are bilingual [Basque-Spanish] and many are fluent in English.

Basque is spoken by approximately a quarter of the population, specially in the area of Gipuzkoa (Mondragon is situated in this province), Bizkaia, northwestern Navarre and eastern French Basque Country. It is not spoken in most of the province of Araba (Vitoria is the capital of this province), in western Bizkaia, or in the southern half of Navarre.

Out of the nearly 3,000,000 Basques, 632,000 are Basque language speakers, of which approximately 566,000 live in the Spanish Basque country and the rest in the French part of it.
In Mondragon area 66% of the population speak Basque.

All Basque inhabitants from the Spanish area speak Spanish and all Basque inhabitants from the French area speak French.

These are the language courses we offer for international students.

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