Loans reservations and document renewals

Frequently asked questions

Who can access the loans service?

Every member of the university community and all individuals accredited as Library users can access the loans service.

When you need an item that cannot be found at your faculty, you can access it by contacting your Library and they will manage your request. Alternatively, you can visit the library in which the document is located.

How many documents and for how many days?

Type of user

Number of volumes

Loan period

Bachelor students


15 calendar days

Postgraduate, Master's and PhD students


60 calendar days

Former students


10 calendar days

MU staff (teaching and research staff and administration and services staff)


365 calendar days

MU external teaching staff


365 calendar days

These loan periods may be altered if you have special requirements. Contact your library.

Which documents are not available for loan?

Reference works (dictionaries and encyclopaedias), journals and any other materials which the Library considers are “out of loan”.

How can I reserve an item? (book, DVD, CD, etc.) ?

You can ask for a document to be reserved using the Library catalogue, in "User services” section. You can also make a reservation by contacting your library using the regular channels.

Remember that if the copy is listed as “Available” in the catalogue, it will already be on the shelves, meaning that you can borrow it straight away without having to make a reservation.

How can I renew or return my loaned items?

Bring materials that you have borrowed back to your library on or before the deadline. If you would like to renew your loans you can do this provided that your items have not been requested by another user. Renew your loans by visiting the Library catalogue, in "User services” section, or contact your library using the regular channels.