Specialised dictionaries and resources

Language and literature

Atsotitzak. Gotzon Garate:

More than 5,000 sayings and how they are said in Basque, English and Latin.

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Ereduzko Prosa Gaur (EHU):

Corpus that collects 25.1 million words from books and press.

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Egungo Testuren Corpusa (EHU):

Corpus of publications in Basque, UPV/EHU.

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Science and technology

Laneki Hiztegia:

Technical dictionary of online vocational training.

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Zientzia eta Teknologiaren Korpusa (Elhuyar eta EHUko IXA Taldea):

Corpus of publications on science and technology in Basque, by EHU/UPV and Elhuyar.

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Automotive dictionary:

Specialised dictionary in automotive developed between Elhuyar and several companies in the sector

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Diccionario Español de Ingeniería:

Alphabetical dictionary specialized in engineering, developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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Project Management Lexicon:

The Project Management Lexicon is a multilingual lexicon that comprises a total of 457 concepts in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French, English) together with their corresponding definitions in Basque.

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