Free Online training to manage Web of Science platform

Online training

Free Online training to manage Web of Science platform

Fecyt organise the second Web of Science online training cycle



FECYT, together with Clarivate Analytics, will organise between the 10th and 16th of December the second online training cycle.

During this period new courses will be arranged to teach users, researchers and librarians how take advantage of the Web of Science portal. Sessions will take an hour and they will be divided into 3 training levels (A, B and C).

The period to register is now opened. You can fill the registration form using FECYT scientific resources-Online training website. Chose the course of your interest and remember to use your institutional mail to register.
Once the training cycle has finished, fill the assessment survey and you will receive your attendance certificate.  
 After the registration keep the email Clarivate will send you. There you will have the link to access the course. 
If you do not get a place in the training course of your interest, get in touch with your Library. We will sent you the training materials or the session records.