Library offers you access to Mendeley institutional version


Library offers you access to Mendeley institutional version

Mondragon Unibertsitatea Library offers Mendeley institutional version to the whole university's community



As institutional reference manager, Mendeley institutional version will replace RefWorks, which will not be on use from the 31th of October 2018 on

The Library will support the university community migrating the references and documents managed with RefWorks or Endnote to the Mendeley institutional version and several training sessions will be held.

Mendeley is a reference manager which offers the option to manage bibliographical references and research documents. Besides, it works as a research collaborative network where interesting new references or other documents can be found and where you can work online with other users in the network.

The access to Mendeley institutional version offers the following extra benefits in comparison with the free version:

  • Individual storage: 100 GB (instead of 2 GB)
  • Collaborative storage: 100 GB (instead of 100 MB)
  • Private groups number: unlimited
  • Private groups size: 100 members (instead 25)

If you are not a Mendeley user yet, create your personal account and then join Mondragon Unibertsitatea Group.

If you already are a Mendeley user, just join Mondragon Unibertsitatea Group in order to gain the advantages of the institutional version.