Why choose MU?


  • Because MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is a university committed since its birth with the quality in training and practical orientation of its offer of courses.
  • Because belongs to the MONDRAGON Corporation, that allows us to maintain a close relationship with the business world to get real information regarding their needs and maintain updated our programmes.
  • Because it is a learning space for professionals over their whole worklife that maximizes the employability and the transformation of society through the knowledge transfer.
  • Because we have spent more than 30 years training professionals .
  • Because the courses offered by MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA are flexible and adaptable and allow to reconcile working and academic life.
  • Because we offer a different learning space :
    • Innovative. In tools, techniques and methods; results-orientated and aligned with future projects.
    • Close. A network of Professionals generating opportunities. Our teachers are oriented to respond to your needs throughout the training process.
    • Practical. Based on the application of knowledge with possibilities of living real experiences in professional environments.
  •  Because we have a broad panel of teachers from different disciplines. This way, we can respond to the diversity of topics in which we offer our training. Furthermore, in the instruction of the programmes are combined the following profiles of teachers:
    • University teachers with academic profile combine their teaching activity with the development of research projects and training in a company.
    • Expert professionals in the different subject and with teaching vocation.
    • Entrepreneurs and managers who develop sessions based on their own experience.

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