Expert Course in Innovation in sports education

This certification aims at training professionals to work with people in different contexts in the field of sports. Those trained will use innovative perspectives to promote people’s integral development and create a more inclusive society.

Knowledge area
250 hours
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The purpose of this certification is to train professionals to work with many different people in many different contexts in the field of sports. The trained professional will make use of an innovative perspective to promote people’s integral development and create a more inclusive society.

As it is known, the model focuses on elite sport, competitive sport and efficacy-focused sport surrounds all sports activities nowadays, even the ones in educational contexts. The principles of an educational model and with a social perspective, as requested by society, have already been established. Nevertheless, more steps in that direction need to be taken in order to make them turn into reality. This certification will offer the knowledge and tools to put into practice that model. 


• To design, develop and evaluate innovative educational proposals with an eye to fostering personal integral development.

• To apply strategies for caring for people and for group dynamisation and collaboration.

• To apply strategies to become a thoughtful professional who continually strives to improve in his or her occupation.

• To develop strategies for implementing processes of innovation and improvement in various areas of sports and physical activity.

• To identify and use community resources, and to network.

• To use physical activity and sports as a social dynamisation tool in order to develop strategies, particularly in the following areas: diversity, socio-economic diversity, gender and affective-sexual orientation issues, inclusive society, coexistence, and regularisation of the Basque language.

• To become familiar with and apply models, factors, strategies, and tools for counseling within an organisation or group.

Aimed at

This certification is intended for professionals who are involved i in the following areas:

Physical education and school sports, sports departments in administration (the Basque Government, provincial governments, city councils, communities), sports businesses and institutions, sports organisations and federations, associations that organise recreational activities and events, meetings and workshops for education agents, community development projects, etc.


Sports activity is an excellent tool that allows all people to improve their quality of life. We understand this tool in an inclusive and integral way: beginning with the awareness that everybody is different, educators take into account the attributes, needs and condition of each person. Furthermore, we are able to use recent advances in sports education to propose innovative activities and implement them.

Additionally, sports are a very effective tool associated with social dynamisation and social innovation, if these aspects are taken into account in the activities that are designed and implemented. The value of sports in many different areas of society is well known: in community participation, in interculturality and integration, in gender issues, in the process of becoming a Basque speaker, in issues of coexistence, in mediation processes, in diversity issues in general, etc.



For the purposes of this specialisation, various tools and strategies will be used:

Classes. Expert instructors will teach theoretical and practical classes using a dynamic and participatory methodology.

Practical applications and interesting experiences. To complement the material covered in class, people who have worked in and are experts in school sports and physical education will share their experiences. Various relevant organisations will be also visited. 

Seminars for reflection and debate. In order to explore class topics in a participatory way, debate and reflection on various topics will be encouraged through research and action seminars.

Project. During this course of study, each participant will work on a project to be completed individually or in a group and submitted in writing, and will present it at the end of the course. Each student will be assigned a tutor to help with the project. 

Practicum. The students will have the opportunity to do their practicum in a sports organisation in order to consolidate their learning and further develop their project.

 Off-campus activities. Since an important component of this postgraduate course can be done off-campus, the student will complete various activities outside the classroom (readings, observation, exercises, etc.).



  • Beginning on: October 26, 2017
  • Ending on: May 5, 2018


  • Thursdays, 17:00 to 21:00

ECTS Credits/Hours

  • 10 ECTS (600 hours)
  • 100 on-campus hours
  • 125 off-campus hours
  • 50 hours, practicum and final project


  • Members of the Faculty of Humanities and Education.
  • Instructors from Athlon Koop. E.
  • Outside experts.


The enrollment period is open from 15th June until 22th Octover 2017. 

Registration form.

Please, send the registration form to this email address:

Eunate Escandon

Responsible administrative management

+34 943 714188 (5209 extension)


Izaskun Uribesalgo

Amelia Barquín

Information days

  • 2017-06-05. Eskoriatza campus. 18:30.
  • 2017-06-15. Eskoriatza campus. 18:30.
  • 2017-09-07. Eskoriatza campus. 18:30.


Pricing info

2500 euros.