Bridge Course for Teachers

This course offers people with teaching diplomas the opportunity to upgrade to a Bachelor’s degree. In other words, after taking this bridge course, students will have a full teaching degree.

Knowledge area


The aim of this course is to give those with a teaching diploma the chance to upgrade to a degree, while at the same time enabling them to adapt their studies to the requirements of their other commitments. The course is a combination of online and conventional, campus-based classes.

Campus-based classes are held at HUHEZI once every two weeks (from 18:30 to 21:00). There will also be a number of additional sessions for subject evaluation purposes.

Aimed at

People with teaching diplomas, or in other words: teachers. Students must have one of the following qualifications:

  • Teaching certificate (any specialist area). (RD 1440/1991)
  • Basic General Teaching certificate (any specialist area). 

Admission conditions and process

The following language levels must be demonstrated on enrolment:

Basque: C1

Students who do not have C1 Basque qualifications must sit a language test (DECREE 47/2012, 3rd April).
There is a test fee of €50.

English: B1

Students who do not have B1 qualifications must sit a language test (Order ECI/3857/2007; Order ECI/3854/2007).
There is a test fee of €50.

How can language level be demonstrated?


  • EGA certificate or an equivalent language qualification (Public Administration PL3; Education PL2)
  • A diploma from HUHEZI
  • In the event of the student having a diploma in Basque issued by an entity other than HUHEZI, see the conditions established by DECREE 47/2012

Decree reference 


  • A diploma from HUHEZI
  • PET, FIRST or higher qualifications

Order reference 

Although the language qualification requirement at the start of the Primary Education  Foreign Language Teaching module is similar to that specified for other courses, an official B2 standard certificate will be required in order to be eligible for employment (RD 1594/2011).

Decree reference

Subjects will be taught in Basque. Exceptions:

- In Primary Education 1 and 3, one subject is taught in English.

- In Infant Education 1, two subjects are taught in English and in Infant Education 3, one subject is taught in English.

- All subjects specific to the Foreign Language Teaching module are taught in English.