Expert Course in Governance Innovation

In times of uncertainty and political crisis, an integral formative program bringing together complex global challenges, our history of community self-organisation, and governance innovation.

Knowledge area
Culture and Society
Hernani (Orona-Ideo)


What knowledge is most notable today for citizens who are, or will be, involved in the governance of the Basque community? What are the skills, knowledge and critical aptitudes needed today for those working in different areas of governance to create public value? How can those involved in governance be empowered most robustly to make their work as transformative and effective as possible? We developed this program for the Expert Qualification In Governance Innovation using the frameworks and perspectives established by these questions. Although we recognise that there is no single answer to these questions, we can identify at least three significant variables that need to be taken into consideration;

  • The rapid, profound, and multidimensional transformation of the world.
  • Our characteristics and history, specific to our people.
  • The changes in our understanding of politics, and the public sphere, in the light of global transformations.

Keeping these three factors in mind, and to address the questions above, this Expert Qualification Program will help the student: understanding the relationship between macro and nuclear changes and identifying how they directly affect the governance of the Basque community. Altogether, students will acquire the ability to design feasible and achievable strategies aimed at facing contemporary challenges from our ways of doing and creating the highest possible public value.

Aimed at

This Expert Qualification is designed for professionals working in different areas of governance, such as:

  • Municipal political representatives.
  • Political representatives of the Provincial Councils of Gipuzkoa, Biscay and Alava.
  • Municipal technicians.
  • Provincial technicians.
  • Technicians from development agencies.
  • Representatives of Basque political parties.
  • Representatives of the agents that form organised Basque civil society.
  • Individuals and professionals who work in governance in the Basque society in general.


The course is structured around three modules:

1) The first module examines global transformations and the changes they bring about in the main areas of society:

      a) we will discuss world dynamics and explain them in the context of the emergence of a new paradigm;

      b) we will identify how public spaces are changing in light of this new paradigm;

      c) we will examine the implications and general challenges brought about by those transformations to our governance.

2) In the second module, the new context will be framed about the relationship between governance and the political sphere:

      a) we will be informed about the historical trajectory and development of our self-organisation;

      b) we will elucidate what shape is taking our self-organisation under the influence of current transformations;

      c) we will clarify the questions, challenges and opportunities that arise for our self-organisation in the present and the future.

3) In the third module, we will discuss how governance innovation practices could respond to current challenges:

   a) we will reflect on the different challenges that affect our socio-political context;

   b) we will inspire with specific models of governance and self-organisation (public institutions, companies, self-organised civil society);

   c) we will learn concrete tools useful for those who work in governance in daily terms.



  • The course begins the 21st of October
  • The course ends the 26th of May.

This is a 12-ECTS (300-hour) Expert Qualification Programm. There will be a total of 18 in-person sessions, Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 8:00, and students will carry out and present a project.

More than 60 experts will contribute.

In-person sessions:

  • October 28 to December 9
  • January 13 to March 24
  • Project presentations: May 26


Andoni Eizagirre

600 018 841

Admission conditions and process

Process specification and dates:

Form submission:

You must send the forms and all the information to: .

Pricing info

2.950 euros

More information

Julene Gorrotxategi

600 02 27 20

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