Expert Course in Basque Cultural Transmission

Our aim is to offer a training course focused on Basque cultural transmission, a key issue in the 21st Century. The aim is to provide an opportunity for creating knowledge tools in this field, which is of such vital importance for our country. 

Knowledge area
Culture and Society
330 hours


In response to concerns regarding the revitalization of our culture, since the initiation of the Transmision of Basque Culture project in the 2007-2008 academic year, the project has attempted to address various objectives:

 To bring together into a single corpus the scattered knowledge about the Basque culture, and transmit this knowledge through dialogical training. Within this framework, to familiarize the next generation with the concerns, perspectives, difficulties, challenges, and experiences in Basque culture encountered by creators in recent decades.

  • To offer a multifocal and practical training in light of the horizons and challenges that our culture faces, supplying agents with appropriate knowledge and tools.
  • To put at the disposal of new fields the strategies and experience acquired in the transmission of culture.
  • To carry out the above (create a corpus, multifocal approach to challenges, transmission of experience) while bringing two distinct groups into contact: experts and professionals on the one hand, and on the other, present and future agents who wish to become involved in the area of Basque culture.

Bearing in mind the fruits of the previous six editions, we would like to include the following special considerations in this seventh edition of the Transmision of Basque Culture project:

We will delve deeper into a number of topics that were introduced in previous editions: for example, we will further examine the cultural transmission that takes place within the family. We will also continue our investigation into the means of transmission of the Basque culture, with particular attention to education.

Furthermore, we will introduce other topics, including the reading of traditional society from a modern point of view, relationships that support cultural activity, the Euskaraldia initiative, etc.

Additionally, we will explore two areas, Alava and the northern Basque Country, in order to analyse the role played by cultural activities in the construction of a cultural nation.

As part of this postgraduate course, we will also host an open conference on the topic of Catalonia in which we will examine the past and future roles of cultural creation in this procés.

Finally, during the conference, we will take time to remember our old and dear friend Jose Anton Artze.

Aimed at

The course is aimed at university graduates in general.

It is specifically targeted at professionals working or hoping to work in any area of Basque culture.


Each weekend will feature a combination of theoretical-practical sessions and more recreational exercises. 


From 20/10/2018 to 16/06/2019.

One weekend a month.

  • Saturday: from 09:00 to 20:00
  • Sunday:  from 09:30 to 13:30


  • October, 20-21
  • November, 17-18
  • December, 15-16


  • January, 12-13
  • February, 9-10
  • March, 9-10
  • April, 6-7
  • May, 11-12
  • June 15-16



Nekane Goikoetxea

Iñaki Urruzola


Companies and associations which include Basque Cultural Transmission in their training programmes: Bertsozale elkartea, Emun Koop. E., Zenbat Gara association, Euskaltzaleon Topagunea, Maizpide Basque Language School, Elhuyar Fundazioa

Media:  The following media organisations help us disseminate the course’s key content and aims:Goiena, Euskadi irratia, Berria, Argia.

Pricing info

€ 2,650 

€ 300 (meals and accommodation).

A € 300 registration fee will be paid up on registration.

In the cases in which the registration is paid by the entity:

  • The one offered by the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE). (Information in the Academic Secretariat).
  • If the same institution sends 3 or more people, it will have a discount of 20%.

The members of Alumni, the Association of Alumni of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, will have a discount of 10%.


More information:

 Eunate Escandon (Administrative Manager)


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