Our training courses for professionals are offered in different modalities, face-to-face, blended and online, allowing to the professionals to opt for the best that suits him for reconciling work and family life with their training.

  • The face-to-face modality requires to the professional to attend regularly and continously, while the course is active, to training activities in the center of instruction of the same. The face-to-face combines the activities of physical presence in the center with other activities of autonomous learning.
  • In the Online modality the majority of the educational activities provided in the training programme (tutoring of the participants, learning and assessment activities) are carried out in a digital platform and therefore not require the physical presence of the professional in the center of instruction of the course.

The autonomy and the responsibility are basic in this process in which the participant is the axis of the learning process. The participant, in turn, will be supported in the virtual community, which will facilitate communication with the teachers and the other peers of study.

  • In the blended modality the training activities combine the presence in the center of instruction with other online activities that are carried out in the digital platform, following the criteria and guidelines of the online modality. The   presentiality will vary in function of the programme, responding to the specific needs of each case. In this way the participant may enjoy the advantages of face-to-face modality, as are the direct contact with the teachers and their colleagues of study, and, moreover, may take advantage of our virtual community which will facilitate the use of online resources, communication between colleagues, etc.