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Report 2011-2012

HUHEZI´s report in PDF format. In the academic area, the old Psychopedagogy degree was run for the last time during the 2011-2012 academic year, as it was the only degree remaining to be phased out.

Degree studies

As regards degree studies, the third years in the Pre-Primary Education, Primary Education and Media Communication Degree courses were run, and there were a total of 728 students in all.


Post-graduate degree studies

In the area of official post-graduate degrees, three official University Master’s degrees were offered in 2011-2012: one to qualify teachers to work in Statutory Secondary Education and the Sixth Form, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching; a second one in Education in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts (EKOMU); and a third in the Development of Methodology Innovation Projects in Educational Establishments (BERRIMET).

There were 263 students in all on the post-graduate courses (doing official Master’s degrees and in-house qualifications). Three official university Master’s degrees, two expert qualifications and one in-house Master’s were offered. It should be highlighted that this academic year the Expert Qualification in Communication in Organisations (Aditukom) was run for the first time. And in the area of ongoing training too, many pieces of work were carried out in the area of Education and Co-operation.



In the field of research, there was significant participation by researchers from different research groups at seminars and congresses, yielding abundant results in the area of publications. So there were 58 publications in books and journals, 37 papers were presented at congresses, external funding was obtained in 15 competitive projects, and 15 transfer projects were developed in companies and organisations.

The policy whereby time off is allowed for PhD theses also produced fruit, and four HUHEZI teachers defended their doctoral theses.



The Erasmus programme in the Faculty is going from strength: 30 students went off to complete their stays all over Europe and another 3 students did their work experience abroad.

Futhurmore, in the fifth edition of two international programmes run by the HUHEZI faculty, 15 European students came to us during the 2011-2012 academic year. The students were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, switzerland and Finland.


Visits from outside university teachers

We had visits throughout the year from outside university teachers who were keen to get to know our faculty; the came from Ecuador, Chile, Latvia, Colombia, Brazil and Wales.



As every year, this year, too, we organised a host of conferences. Following the tradition of previous years, we organised the Komunikaldiak which this year tackled the subject of “Video Games and Education”.

The 5th edition of HUHEZINEMA was organised and was more successful than ever with respect to the works presented; a total of 140 pieces of work were presented in this competition of short films. In this edition we should highlight an important innovation: the first edition of Euspot, the Basque Language Spot Competition, was organised by HUHEZI, Arteman and Aretxabaleta Town Council in collaboration with HUHEZINEMA.

The 2nd edition of the Seminar “Learning to live together: Ikaskide schoolmate groups” was organised together with ERKIDE-Irakaskuntza (Federation of Teaching Co-operatives) and was attended by about 80 people.

Many other annual events also took place in addition to the above-mentioned ones: the Literature week on the subject of “Children’s Literature: Literature for adults”, and the Basque Language Week.



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