Enpresagintza's mission in the field of research and transference is to gain recognition for our contribution to innovation in business management and entrepreneurship through carrying out collaborative research and transference with companies and organisations both inside and outside the MONDRAGON Corporation.

Our capacity for high quality scientific production has strengthened in recent years. During that time, numerous ISI articles have been published and the number of Doctoral theses focused on areas of transference has been growing every year. One important point to highlight is the concession of a benchmark research group by the Basque Government in the topics of management developed at the centre.

All of that is also the outcome of focalizing more industrial and experimental research that creates knowledge companies can apply to their processes in a natural and immediate way. Along these lines, last year the department started a specialisation project with clients that has made it possible to pinpoint and focus on specific areas of knowledge that will be essential for the strategic development of our organisation in coming years.

In general, we can say that our specialisation is centred around Advanced Industry and Services. We use three delimiting variables to close in on the meaning of this concept.

On one hand, we are talking about organisations whose competitive advantage in the markets revolves around innovation. Those organisations make a strong investment effort in R&D and have a global business position. Another important factor is that, given the nature of the Basque industrial structure, they are medium sized organisations.

Secondly, our research efforts need to focus primarily, though not exclusively, on specific industries. If it can be said that innovation in management is highly transversal, it is also true that to a greater and greater degree different sectors have their own specific characteristics that make it more necessary to focus research on specific cases. The following criteria was used to choose which industries our attention should be drawn to. On one hand, the future and current business development strategy of the MONDRAGON Corporation and on the other, the smart specialisation strategy followed by the Basque Government.

Thirdly and lastly, Enpresaintza has a strong commitment to specialise in the advanced management practices that are key to the competitiveness and sustainability of our organisations. Currently, work is being done in eight areas of strategic knowledge in this field. In broad terms, the topics are developing new businesses and entrepreneurship, strategic management of people and developing markets through being gearing towards a global customer.