EROSKI and Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MU) have signed a collaboration agreement for recruiting new professionals at EROSKI and transferring talent between both organisations.



EROSKI and Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MU) have signed a collaboration agreement for recruiting new professionals at EROSKI and transferring talent between both organisations through continuing education programmes, methodological innovation in business management, technical knowledge transfer and creating a new ecosystem for new intrapreneurial projects at EROSKI. Mondragon University Dean Vicente Atxa and President of EROSKI Agustín Markaide signed the framework collaboration agreement this morning.

With this agreement, EROSKI is seeking to promote an internal entrepreneurial programme for innovation projects that leverage their competition strategy for coming years. To those ends, EROSKI and Mondragon University will carry out a University-Company talent transfer plan in areas like innovation project management, design thinking methodologies and open innovation platforms.

In line with their corporate culture, EROSKI and Mondragon University will work together in designing new channels of participation for Client Members for continuous improvement in customer service in the new generation “contigo“, (with you) shops. Furthermore, through dual University-Company teams, they are going to pursue several innovation projects. In coming months, some of the most important projects are in the areas of e-commerce, recommendation and suggestion systems for related products, extreme freshness in the fruit and vegetables section and operational improvements in the checkout lines in the shops.

Additionally, by way of this agreement Mondragon University is becoming a partner-member of the “summa” training programme for new managers that EROSKI is currently running as an engine for innovation.

“It's a natural alliance between two co-operative organisations and it sets up a new framework for inter-cooperation for building new competitive advantages based in training and integral personal development in both organisations.”, remarked EROSKI President Agustín Markaide.

Reinforcing the personal and professional development of the EROSKI teams is one of the three pillars of the 2020 Strategic Plan, which places training people among the key parts of improving competitiveness. During the last period, EROSKI already increased internal training hours by 20%, surpassing the 210,000-hour mark. “New technologies are transforming certain aspects of the distribution supply chain and building new competitive advantages poses a challenge for companies that often go beyond their limits. And that means internal and external knowledge need to be combined”, explains Markaide.

During his talk, Vicente Atxa, the Dean of Mondragon University, highlighted that “The professional qualifications companies need are in the midst of great change because of the speed of technological advancement that's going on in every industry. With this agreement, our university wants to become a strategic collaborator of EROSKI to put strategies in place to attract and develop talent to make it possible for that organisation to meet its strategic goals. Alongside that, and based in the experience Mondragon Univeristy has accumulated in developing entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership programmes, we want to contribute to making EROSKI an intra-preneurial ecosystem.”