Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures 2010 Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures
Donostia - San Sebastián, Euskadi, Spain
21-23 July 2010
Mondragon Unibertsitatea
Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures 2010
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The symposium will be held at the Miramar Palace, Donostia - San Sebastián, Euskadi, Spain
San Sebastián- Donostia Donostia (Basque name) - San Sebastián (Spanish one) lies along a white sandy bay between the Urgull and Igeldo hills. Fishermen's houses, a smart suburb and modern districts make it one of the most attractive cities on the Bay of Biscay. The Museum of San Telmo, the Comb of the Winds (Haizeen Orrazia, in Basque, or Peine de los Vientos, in Spanish) and the Kursaal Congress Center are examples of how the city brings together modern and traditional features. Meanwhile, the province of Gipuzkoa, of which Donostia - San Sebastián is the capital, blends sea and mountains, offering the traveller landscape, sports and gastronomy, as well as interesting monuments. Basque cuisine has a recognised international prestige.

San Sebastián- Donostia

The Miramar Palace spans an area of 34,136 square meters where we can find a palace, a park, gardens and several buildings. In the nineteenth century it used to be Queen María Cristina’s summer residence. Nowadays, the Miramar complex is property of the Town Council and is used to hold congresses, symposiums, meetings, courses and workshops. The Miramar Palace faces the sea between the Kontxa and Ondarreta beaches and it is one of the most visited places at Donostia – San Sebastián.
Miramar Palace
Mirakontxa pasealekua (Paseo de Miraconcha), 48
20007 Donostia-San Sebastián
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Donostia - San Sebastián is surrounded by particularly beautiful valleys and mountains, and has three lovely beaches. It is a lively city of about 200,000 inhabitants. No visit to the city is complete without a visit to the old part (Parte Zaharra or Parte Vieja), where most of the traditional local life takes place. Its narrows streets are packed with bars and restaurants where you can taste the Basque cuisine, whose fame has spread around the world and achieved deserved recognition and acclaim in most prestigious international guides.
Donostia-San Sebastian has been a very touristy resort ever since the 19th century. We therefore invite you to pre-register, and make your room reservation as soon as possible.
During leisure time we can take advantage of the fact that Donostia - San Sebastián is a small city, which can easily be visited, either walking or using a local bus system. The city offers to the visitors a selection of museums. The most outstanding museums are the CHILLIDA LEKU open-air museum devoted to the work of the sculptor Eduardo Chillida and the Science Museum or Kutxa-Espazio, with a planetarium, an astronomy observatory and permanent exhibitions. Walking along the harbour, you will find the Naval Museum and the Aquarium. For more information you can enter next links:


Chillida Leku

Miramon Museum

Paseos virtuales

Perla Thalassotherapy sea SPA

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It is recommended the hotel Costa Vasca. It is a 10 minutes’ walk from the Conference Site and special prices have been negotiated with it.
Please, contact Jesús M. García from the Travel Agency Viajes Mundo Tres (, Tel. +34 943 00 09 43) to book your room and to get any additional information.