Paulina Janka


Erasmus exchange in Basque Country? Why is the best choice.

Erasmus is the best way to meet a lot of people all over the world and to get close with culture of place where we are staying.  Why I chose Basque Country? It’s easy! Because when I was working during the summer in Spain I felt love in all the places, language and very open-minded people and much different behaviors and traditions than in Poland. So I said, it is time to see other part of Spain- Basque country, which has different history and language. And it was really good choice.

We study with local people which are very nice and helpful for us, like a teacher who lead us through all education during Erasmus. It’s also great chance to see beautiful and not well know places for most of people who are travelling around a Spain. Around Mondragon there are a lot of hills and mountains where all of us can go together and hike and spend nice time with great people. We had chance to see and participate in typical Basque carnivals and  “parties” pintxopote, where we have met local peoples with who we can change our experience and get from them useful information about Basque country, culture and also its opportunity to learn some basic words. I have met a lot of amazing people, with who I know it is not the last meeting. They became my friends and we will have best memories ever thanks to Erasmus exchange in Basque country- Mondragon University !