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REF. PHD-MGEP-021-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-021-18 2018·06·18

Ensuring safety in IoT based services

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REF. PHD-MGEP-020-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-020-18 2018·06·18

Improving the interoperability of Industry 4.0 platforms

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REF. PHD-MGEP-019-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-019-18 2018·06·18

Simulation-based runtime testing and adaptation of cyber physical systems using digital twins

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REF. PHD-MGEP-017-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-017-18 2018·06·18

Cyber-Physical systems and user interaction experience into Industrie 4.0

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REF. PHD-MGEP-018-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-018-18 2018·06·18

Human Centred Design for Industrie 4.0 advanced service innovation

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REF. PHD-MGEP-016-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-016-18 2018·06·18

Flexible robotic system oriented to the inspection of surface integrity

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REF. PHD-MGEP-015-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-015-18 2018·06·18

Conception, fabrication and validation of structural components of composites manufactured by UV pultrusion with robot pull

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REF. PHD-MGEP-014-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-014-18 2018·06·18

Characterization of shearing and punching processes of AHSS and Aluminum Alloys

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REF. PHD-MGEP-013-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-013-18 2018·06·15

Press elastic deformation monitoring strategy and numerical modelling

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REF. PHD-MGEP-012-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-012-18 2018·06·15

Experimental and numerical anlysis of the effect of machining strategies on the distortions of aeroestructural parts of aluminum and titanium alloys

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REF. PHD-MGEP-011-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-011-18 2018·06·15

Finishing of parts manufactured by additive manufacturing through machining

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REF. PHD-MGEP-010-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-010-18 2018·06·15

Model of finite elements for the machining of composites materials

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REF. PHD-MGEP-009-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-009-18 2018·06·15

Analysis and implementation of new techniques for measuring temperatures during machining processes

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REF. PHD-MGEP-008-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-008-18 2018·06·15

Design and control of intermediate converters for hybrid AC/DC distribution networks

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REF. PHD-MGEP-007-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-007-18 2018·06·15

Energy storage systems behaviour prediction via machine learning algorithms

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REF. PHD-MGEP-006-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-006-18 2018·06·15

Multifunctional medium-voltage high-power multilevel converter, connected to the electrical network

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REF. PHD-MGEP-005-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-005-18 2018·06·15

Lithium ion based energy storage systems performance optimisation using electrochemical models

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REF. PHD-MGEP-004-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-004-18 2018·06·15

Electric drives for new elevator concepts

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REF. PHD-MGEP-003-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-003-18 2018·06·15

Optimization of electromagnetic compatibility in permanent magnet machines

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REF. PHD-MGEP-002-18

Tesis Doctoral (R1) REF. PHD-MGEP-002-18 2018·06·15

Energy storage systems connections via isolated electronic converters

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