Languages in the basque country

Language first

The University and the Faculties are firmly committed to the Basque language. The main languages in the Faculties are Basque and Spanish. All students, teachers and staff are trilingual [Basque-Spanish-English].

Basque language

Basque is spoken by approximately a quarter of the population, especially in the area of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia, northwestern Navarre and eastern French Basque Country. It is not spoken in most of the province of Araba (Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of this province), in western Bizkaia, or in the southern half of Navarre. Out of the nearly 3,000,000 Basques, 632,000 are Basque language speakers, of which approximately 566,000 live in the Spanish Basque country and the rest in the French part of it. In the Mondragón area 66% of the population speaks Basque. All Basque inhabitants from the Spanish area speak Spanish and all Basque inhabitants from the French area speak French.

Please visit this Wikipedia webpage for more information about the Basque language. 

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  • What are AISA Welcome courses? They are linguistic welcome courses for beginners in Euskara.
  • What is their objective? To help them to increase their knowledge of Basque culture and take their first steps in learning Euskara (which is how we say Basque in our language).
  • How long does the course last for? 60 hours. 
  • What can one learn? Motivating themes will be used to give students the opportunity to get to know more about Euskara: greetings, numbers, the family, the school, transportation, health, sports, shopping... Exercises will be focused mainly on the vocabulary of these topics, as well as on the basic comprehension of the language: street names, notices... 
  • How much is the course? 26 € 
  • More info: