Research and transfer model


Our research model is centred around transferring knowledge to organisations, and especially companies. Along these lines, our primary goal is to provide value to the economic fabric and develop innovative solutions for issues like developing new businesses, strategic personal management and developing new markets though focusing on customers. One of the things that makes us who we are is action, which is to say we have the capacity to apply knowledge to solving problems in an efficient way.

To achieve that, we develop processes alongside organisations that begin with the structure of the problem and we share spaces of strategic thought with companies where a route of action can be identified that we take together through putting specific research and transference projects into practice. Along these lines, we think of companies as collaborators, like partners, in solving their management and entrepreneurial problems, taking on designing the solution for the problem and executing solutions alongside them.

To those ends, we initiate three kinds of activities, which are research, training and transference projects. The university ecosystem lets us make use of different tools and combine them with the participation of graduate, undergraduate and PhD students in searching for the ideal response for every organisation. In fact, another fundamental building block of our project is this capacity for adapting the potent academic ecosystem to the real situations of every organisation.

The rigour of the methodologies applied is another core element of our research model. One of our premises is the capacity to incorporate other organisations (other knowledge agents or advanced services companies) into solutions for problems when it’s needed. Along these lines, our collaborative research model doesn't just refer to our special relationship to companies but to the other organisations that might play a relevant role in our activity.