Plan de Estudios

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Management of People's Talent - MTALENT



1,5 years


Oñati, Bidasoa-Irún, BBF-Bilbao


Spanish, English



DOC Catalogue

Training Program

The Master's Degree in Digital Marketing has a study plan drawn up from its most general subjects towards the most specific ones of digital marketing, ending with the subjects related to the practical application of the competences acquired in the classroom to a real environment in an organization.

The following image shows the didactic units that are worked on in the different subjects of the study plan:


  • OB: Obligatory


Module 1

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Management competences OB 3
PDF Digital competence OB 2
PDF Digital entrepreneurship OB 3
  Total   8


Module 2

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Business opportunities in digital economy OB 3
PDF Strategy in digital economy OB 4
PDF Science of services OB 1
PDF Marketing 2.0 OB 6
PDF Mobile marketing and new digital trends OB 1
  Total   15


Module 3

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Digital Customer Experience OB 2
PDF Digital Branding Management OB 3
PDF Social media OB 5
PDF Web promotion OB 6
PDF Legal and ethical framework in digital environments OB 1
  Total   17


Module 4

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Thesis Project OB 6
PDF Specialized Business Practices OB 14
  Total   20