MUkide (Alumni)


Association of former Mondragon University students

The aims of MUkide are:

  1. To create a network and a series of forums that work as a communication channel to maintain relations with our university, with fellow students and with former students.
  2. To create areas of collaboration with current students, promoting the development of the economy and society and respecting the values of Mondragon University (collaboration, innovation, participation, social responsibility, development of people for social change) supporting added value for all participants in the association.

Currently we have 8,811 former students who studied in the centres that make up Mondragon University and, following the aim of MUkide association, we would like to make the following proposal: our own website, online services, publications, sports service, library service and computer resources, job list, Mondragon University facilities, financial services, contests, conferences, talks and round tables, guided visits, celebrations, MUkide-own and international network, discounts, etc.