Access and admission

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Master's Degree in Cooperative Enterprise and Social Business Management



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Access and admissions

As per Royal Decree (RD) 1393/2007, as modified by RD 861/2010, students who meet any one of the following conditions may gain admittance to this program of studies:

  1. Applicants may hold an official Spanish university degree or other degree granted by an institution of higher education belonging to the European Higher Education Area that permits access to Master’s-level studies in the country in which the degree was granted.
  2. Applicants may hold a university degree granted by an educational system outside the European Higher Education Area with no need for that degree to be accredited, provided that the University has verified that the educational system and degree in question provide a level of training equivalent to those provided by the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that they permit access to graduate-level studies in the country in which the degree was granted. Admittance in this manner in no way entails accreditation of the degree previously earned by the applicant, nor its recognition for purposes other than participation in the Master’s program.

In any case, the recommended entrance profile is the following: students who hold a Bachelor’s degree, other undergraduate degree, or Master’s degree in one of the following areas: Business Administration and Management, Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, Law, Psychology, Organization Engineering and Humanities (specializing in Business).

Further candidates will be considered for admission provided that the available places have not been filled by applicants who meet the above profile, with preference given to those with professional experience in cooperative companies and/or in the area of social economics.

The degree coordination team is responsible for overseeing the admission of students to the Master’s program and will evaluate all submitted applications according to the following admissions requirements:

  • Degree to which the student’s previous studies are a good match with the program.
  • Academic transcript of previous studies.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Statement of purpose in which the applicant describes his or her personal motivation and the goals that led him or her to apply to the Master’s program.