Learning Facilitation and Innovation Master's Degree (Lit)

Lit Degree, reinvent your passion!


90 ECTS. 1,5 years


Bilbao / Madrid


Spanish or Basque (+English)


October 2020


9.500 € (1st year: 64 ECTS: 6.755,55 € + 2nd year 26 ECTS: 2.744,45 €).



Learn a new profession: facilitator!

With this University Master’s Degree in Learning Facilitation and Innovation you will be trained for a new profession: facilitator. And you’ll do it in a different and disruptive way, alternating online work with face-to-face workshops every two or three weeks, in Bilbao and Madrid.


The Lit Master’s Degree offers you a personal and professional learning and growth process under the guidance of an extensive team of facilitators, experts and mentors


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Informative Sessions


We open the doors of the university and we hope to tell you, in detail, the degree and its car

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Mondragon Unibertsitatea and TeamLabs

The Lit Master is designed and developed by the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences of Mondragon Unibertsitatea and the TeamLabs learning laboratory.




Contribution of queer pedagogies to Education

JORNADA LIT Contribution of queer pedagogies to Education

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A cycle-based program

PROGRAM A cycle-based program

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From teacher training to facilitation of learning

FACILITATION OF LEARNING From teacher training to facilitation of learning

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