Educational context

The educational context of dual education

The practical orientation of Mondragon University makes it an entity in continuous relation with the working world and organisations in its surroundings. For this reason we give great importance to dual work-related education, the work experience and the projects in enterprises and organisations, encouraging our students to make contact with the reality of the working world during their studies.

This close relation translates into immediate and constant knowledge of the present and future needs and demands of enterprises, which makes it possible to direct our educational offer to such needs, guaranteeing a high level of employability in the long-term, and high-level and quick job placement of our student in the work market.

In Mondragon University we offer our students the option of doing their training in a professional working environment, developing technical and transversal training experiece. Students can combine their studies with the professional activity through what has become known as alternating work-study and which from now on is framed within the new concept of dual work-related university aducation.

  • In enterprises and organisations
  • In the departments of the University itselfe

In addition to providing students with help (grants) to finance their studies, it implies complementary education in labour competences, in other words, a professional training experience. 

Furthermore, students undertake work practice in different enterprises and organisations, as an important complement to the education acquired in the university itself. The duration of the work practice varies depending on the degree. However, in all cases direct follow-up of each student’s development during the work practice is offered both by the university tutor and the enterprise or organisation where the student is placed.

Students who undertake studies in Mondragon University do an end-of-degree project in a company or organisation. In this way they can put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout their studies, as well as get accustomed to routines which they must assume in their professional work: team work, communication, leadership, creativity, decision-taking capacity, etc. The end-of-degree projects are an excellent practical complement and represent the culmination of the degree and master studies. The duration of the project may be one year, primarily in the case of degrees, or approximately one semester. All the projects are tutored by a member of staff from the university and another person from the enterprise or organisation.