Modality, model and planning

Dual education's characteristics of Mondragon University


  • The education in the university and in the organisation-enterprise are included in the curriculum.
  • The university and the organisation-enterprise jointly define the TRAINING PROGRAM of the student throughout the study period, alternating training periods in the university and in the organisation.
  • It is necessary that the periods of training in the organisation-enterprise alternate with those in the education centre.
  • It is a complementary education for the application of knowledge and skills in a real environment.
  • Some of the competences-learning results of the curriculum are developed and evaluated in the organisation-enterprise.
  • In some cases, other complementary competences-learning results are developed in the organisation-enterprise.


Education shared between organisation-enterprise and the university


Partial: Alternating half-day in the university and half-day in the organisation-enterprise.

Intensive: Alternating intensive periods in university and organisation-enterprise (3 days / 2 days, 3 months / 3 months).


Alternation begins in the 1st or 2nd year of degree, preferably with an initial training period in the university. This period will be different depending on the knowledge area of the degree.

For Master degrees the alternation periods will begin from the start of the Master, although an initial period may be established in the university.

It is necessary that the alternating periods are continuous. In some degrees there is the possibility that the training periods in the organisation-entity are delayed for the time when the student is abroad.