Curricular framework

In MONDRAGON UNIversity it is specified as follows:

  • The total duration of the training period in the enterprise-organisation with regard to the total regulated duration of the studies is defined.
  • Defines how the training program for the period in the enterprise-organisation is integrated in the curriculum and the subjects/modules which it is made up of.
  • Defines whether the dual education is obligatory or voluntary in the degree/master and if the possibility exists for the student to change from one learning path to another (in the case where more than one learning path exsits).


More then 30% of regulatory time.


More than 25% of the ECTS of the bachelor's degree from the commencement of the alternation.

More than 40% of the ECTS of the master's degree from the commencement of the alternation.

* Credits developed in enterprise-organisation are calculated and evaluated from the start of the alternating periods (1st or 2nd course). The development of the end-of-degree project in the same enterprise-organisations is also included.


  • The learning results (LR) are defined to be achieved in the training plan of the company or organization.
  • The LR are those which are already defined in the map of competences and learning results of the degree, or a link is established with the competences of the degree.
  • The LR are assessed and accredited by the academic tutor, by the student and by the enterprise-organisation.
  • Credits are granted for a subject or module integrated in the syllabus.
  • The training plan is included in the European Supplement to the Degree (SET).


OBLIGATORY/VOLUNTARY (For degrees with only DUAL modality)