Technology and educational services


The Faculty of Humanities and Education provides students with a number of services and infrastructures to support their experience.


  •  Virtual Secretary.
  •  Library.
  •  Sports Service.
  •  Dining hall: All the Campuses of Mondragon Universtiy have a dining hall and a cafeteria where students can eat every day at low prices, without having to leave their place of study.
  •  KoNet. Aplicación móvil gratuita de Mondragon Unibertsitatea, a través de la cual se accede a los servicios, recursos e información de la Universidad mediante el móvil o Tablet.


  • Orientation: conducted by degree coordinators and the team of professors for the semester in question.
  • Academic services:
    • Registration and enrollment.
    • Applications for grants and scholarships.
    • Certificates, student records, graduation.
    • Establish and assign work at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.
    • Arrangements for and management of national and international mobility.
    • Arrangements for and management of Doctorate.
  • Virtual campus: through interactivity between professor and student, the Moodle platform allows greater flexibility in some teaching and learning activities.
  • Copy center.
  • Management and maintenance of computer equipment.