Center for Education and Innovation (HBZ)

What is the Center for Education and Innovation (HBZ)?

The Center for Education an Innovation (originaly in basque language known as Hezkuntza Berrikuntzarako Zentroa HBZ) is a multidisciplinary center founded by the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences of Mondragon University.

The purpose of the HBZ center is to offer a wide variety of services to help schools, organizations, and society in general carry out transformation and innovation processes so that we may be better able to face challenges in 21st-century education.

Why was the Center for Education and Innovation founded?

New approaches to teaching and learning have brought new challenges to the entire field of education, and Mondragon University and the Center for Education and Innovation have taken on these challenges.

We have seen the need to reorganize and share the model in order to respond in a systematic and personalized way to new modalities and needs in teaching and learning, to the development of educator profiles, to new challenges in digitalization, and to new institutional processes and projects.

The Center for Education and Innovation at Mondragon University has taken on this task and, focusing at all times on the individual, is prepared to adapt creative and innovative proposals to the needs of each organization.

What is our challenge?

The challenge we have taken on is to provide support to any educational institution, so that its institutional project may be constructed and consolidated through individual and group development, and so that it may be able to promote learning, creativity and entrepreneurship for the future.

For what purpose did we found the Center for Education and Innovation?

To work in collaboration with institutions to create models that will support future learning.

What can we offer you?

TRAINING AND COUNSELING CUSTOMIZED TO EACH ORGANIZATION: teacher training and counseling on new approaches to teaching and learning.

NEW RESPONSES: the development of new approaches to teaching and learning that are consistent with social changes. We offer counseling, reflective training based on the analysis of the individual’s professional practice, a video-assisted platform, MOOCs, assistance in designing teaching materials, etc.

OPEN DISCUSSION: seminars, workshops and other events for the purpose of sharing new knowledge about new approaches to teaching and learning and to social issues.

RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: a research and institutional report on the impact of processes and projects.

COLLABORATION IN INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS: the best global practices and, depending on the subject, the opportunity for schools to participate in international networks.

Center for Education and Innovation (HBZ)