Work risk prevention and environment

Work risk prevention

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, like Mondragon Unibertsitatea, treats ensuring the safety and health of the entire university community as a top priority, along with promoting the healthiest possible lifestyle and work habits.

Part of this function is carried out by the Health and Safety Area, although it is a task that requires everybody's cooperation. In that respect this website aims to be an instrument for achieving this mission.

We think it is the obligation of any educational organisation to encourage the future professionals in the realisation of a set of preventive values that contribute decisively to the generation of a preventive culture, at the level of our organisations and companies, that promotes the desired turning point that will contribute in the fostering of increasingly healthy work environments.

For example, the internal code of conduct aims to establish the preventive actions of intervention and protection to be adopted by MGEP in the face of psychosocial risk.



Code of conduct

Establishes the preventive actions of intervention and protection to be adopted by MGEP in the face of psychosocial risk in order to contribute to greater efficiency, improvement of health and safety at work.


portada medio ambiente MGEP

In today’s world, everyone is aware of the importance of protecting the environment. It is therefore vital for all organisations, whatever their type, to include environmental sustainability in their internal policies. Therefore, EPS must also collaborate to the same end, firstly by assessing the environmental impact of its teaching and research activity in order to reduce it as far as possible, and secondly by raising the awareness of its future professionals with regard to all aspects of environmental protection.

As a result of this action, EPS has obtained EKOSCAN certification from IHOBE (the Basque Country’s Public Company for Environmental Management), in acknowledgement of our work for the Environment.

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Implementation of Ekoscan Certification

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