Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Eco-technology in Industrial Processes


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

40 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Orona Ideo

Orona Ideo is an ecosystem of innovation, in which the knowledge (Mondragon University), the company (Orona) and research (Ikerlan-IK4) complement with the objective of creating a network of innovation. All these components combine to create synergies, to respond to the challenges of the future, with the aim of putting into practise the results of innovation and to enrich the working environment with new knowledge.


This proximity makes our studies a lot more real, practical and applicable. The entire park is a laboratory of future technologies and of experimentation, in which the student will have the opportunity of combining studies – with a training programme that's both up-to-date and based on practical work.

Orona Ideo is an integrated centre of innovation unsurpassed in the urban environment. Zero energy buildings and a contemporary architecture in regards to sustainability have been the focus from the start of this project. All the buildings together are self-sustaining through renewable energy sources, and it's all managed by the 'Energy Service Company'.

Within a fully functional design, this campus has laboratories for teaching and research, rooms for projects, classrooms and a library among other facilities. Once the whole project is brought together, it will also have facilities for leisure and innovative urban spaces, such as an Eco-Boulevard.