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Weekly job offers

If, when you register as a member of Alumni, you indicate that you want to receive this service, you will receive different job offers weekly in your email. Among these job offers will be those that have appeared in the press at the weekend, offers that have arrived at the university throughout the week and job offers that we have extracted from Infoempleo and Infojobs. Furthermore, we propose some web pages specialising in work experience and job searches.

Information about post-graduate degrees at Mondragon University

You will receive information about post-graduate studies that Mondragon University offers in the areas of knowledge that you indicate when you register with Alumni. Specifically, you will receive information about masters, expert and advanced degrees.

Discounts when undertaking post-graduate studies at Mondragon University

In the following chart you can see the discounts that are applied in each case.

Course type Discount
Expert degrees 10%
Advanced degrees 10%
Degree conversion courses 5%
Pn-line degrees 5%
University-specific masters 10%
University- specific masters Those aimed at professionals, offered in de field of Trainniing for Proffesionals: 5%

'MUniversitas' magazine

You will receive the link to MUniversitas magazine in your email address each time it is published. In this same space you will find all the issues published to date.

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Invitations for talks and conferences

You will receive by mail invitations to participate in talks, conferences and congresses which are held throughout the course.

Sports Service

During your years as a student at Mondragon University you have been able to enjoy different activities organised by the university Sports Service. Now that you are an ex-student and member of Mukide, you can continue to enjoy the same benefits. We will keep you posted by email of the different activities, season tickets, possibility of obtaining tickets to games, etc.

You can get first hand information about activities organised by the sports services if you enter the website for sports.

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LinkedIn Alumni

It is a private group of LinkedIn through which you can stay in contact with ex-students of Mondragon University.

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If you no longer wish to receive any of these services, open the following link and click on this option.

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