Delivery of EKITEN contest awards


Delivery of EKITEN contest awards

22 Jun

Delivery of EKITEN contest awards

11:00 a.m.

Arrasate | Escuela Politécnica Superior

For the prize given, we will have with us the Academic Vice-rector of Mondragon University, Jon Altuna, Inma Ramos of Gastempresa, Agurtzane Etxaniz and Agurtzane Diez in representation of the Federation of Rural Development Associations of Gipuzkoa and Mikel Orobengoa in representation of Kimu Berri.


On June 22 all the projects that won a prize in different categories of the contest EKITEN will be given their prize.

  • New Business Ideas (Sponsored by Gaztempresa)
  • Rural Development (Sponsored by Landaola)
  • Ideas that facilitate the daily life of people (Sponsored by Kimu Berri)
  • Mondragon Universities Network (Sponsored by Mondragon University)
Youi can see here all information about EKITEN.