KoNet ha repartido los premios de 3 de las acciones organizadas


KoNet ha repartido los premios de 3 de las acciones organizadas


KoNet has distributed the prizes of 3 of the organized actions

In this case, the actions have coincided with World Snow Day, World Radio Day and International Woman’s Day



The action made on the occasion of World Snow day launched the question: what do you like most about the snow?

The one who won the draw of this question was Nerea Fernández Ramirez. Her answer was “Mendira joan eta lagunekin jolastea”. The prize that she was given was a voucher for Forum Sport.

The action for World Radio Day was about sending a promotional text of 20 seconds for App Konet. The winner was Julen Paniagua Amillano with the text: “KoNet! MUko app berria, Mondragon Unibertsitateak eskaintzen dituen zerbitzuen inguruko informazioa eskuragarri zure smartphonean!” The prize was a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

The third action coincided with International Woman’s Day. The action was about mentioning names of scientist women that were meaningful in the history. The winner was Aimar Zugasti Zubia and he mentioned the scientist Nerea Martín Pintado. The prize was a sport camera.

Don’t forget the we have another action going on in this moment. Thinking about Word Creativity and Innovation Day, they have requested a word that first comes to mind when listening to innovation and creativity. The date that this action finishes is May 10 and the prize is an extern battery. You can answer from KoNet.