Master's Degree in Digital Marketing

Master's Degree in Digital Marketing

The Masters degree in Digital Marketing (Masters blog) is orientated to respond to the needs of the businesses of any sector. This is because it is an essential tool for the digital economy, which requires organisations to reinvent themselves constantly and which creates opportunities for the entrepreneurs or companies that know how to benefit from them. The Internet facilitates the application of Marketing principles, supported by on-going dialogue and interaction with customers.

The following table presents the differentiation characteristics of the master's degree:


What makes us different

The Masters degree in Digital Marketing offers specialised training with an inclusive approach under a practical-based programme with its own identity (close links to business, competences and personal skills, real-world project).


Grants and Incentives

One of the principles of MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is that no-one should be forced to end their studies for economic reasons. We therefore offer a comprehensive programme of scholarships and study grants.


Professional Opportunities

Students of the Masters degree in Digital Marketing will acquire the necessary competences to assume responsibilities in the field of the Digital economy and Marketing, with great opportunities for entrepreneurship.


Work experience and projects

We have educational cooperation agreements with more than 100 institutions for the Masters degree. We have been generating quality employment for 52 years; the data confirms this: 98% of graduates find work in three months.

Information and registration

Contact person
Rosa Igarza
943 718009

Registration and Enrolment

Resume table

Oficial degree
Masters degree in Digital Marketing
Aimed at
Graduates who wish to acquire competences to create, develop, manage and lead companies of the new economy, with strong client focus, and with strong support in the use of the techniques and tools of digital marketing.
Bilbo, BBF (Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria)
9 months (September-July)
offer for graduates

What makes us different

The Masters degree in Digital Marketing offers specialised training with an inclusive approach within a practical programme with its own identity. Students may specialise in the field of marketing and the digital economy and learn by experiencing:

  • Practical application of knowledge and skills, working on real projects carried out in local companies.
  • Personal competences and skills (teamwork, leadership, digital competences or problem resolution).

This is a Masters degree designed to respond to the needs and challenges posed by the internet and the digital economy. It is a fundamental tool to:

  • Understand the digital economy as an emerging reality, which requires organisations to constantly reinvent themselves and which creates opportunities for entrepreneurs or companies to profit from.
  • Be able to apply Marketing principles, supported by on-going dialogue and interaction with the customers via the Internet.
  • Prepare your establishment within the market by specialised training with an inclusive approach under a practical programme with its own identity.

New Students

Registration and Enrolment

Inskripzioa eta matrikula / Inscripción y matrícula


    • Normal period: from 1 December 2015 until 15 July 2016
    • Extended period: from 16 July to 12 September 2016 



          • Normal period: 21 and 22 July 2016 
          • Extended period: 26, 27 and 28 July 2016 and from 1 to 12 September 2016

          New Students

          Grants and Scholarships

          At MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY we ensure that nobody should have to end their studies for economic reasons. To ensure this, we have:


          For students of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (CAPV), (Basque Government)

          • Scholarships of a general nature, for daily transport and for transport for students with disabilities to undertake university and other higher-level courses.
          • Grants for summer language courses abroad.
          • Scholarships for Erasmus students and other international university programmes.

          For students not from the Basque Country (Ministry of Education)

          • Award of scholarships and grants of a general nature and to encourage mobility for university students.
          • Masters degree registration scholarships for unemployed graduates.


          • Reduction or exemption of costs for public services
          • Financial support for those living in the Biteri Hall Of Residence.
          • Seniority grants for residents of the Biteri Hall Of Residence.
          • Collaboration scholarships for the training and support of the various departments.

            New Students

            Accommodation andTransport


            MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY offers you various options to live near the university centre throughout the year.


            The Biteri Hall Of Residence is a university centre affiliated to MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY.

            The Hall of Residence is an institution which helps support your studies. Firstly by providing for your primary needs as a student in terms of living accommodation and dining room; and secondly, by supporting academic development as an additional academic support tool.

            The college professionals aim to bolster the academic development of students. Working together as a team, you will overcome undreamt of challenges.

            In addition, the college gives you the opportunity to make lifelong friends in a healthy environment. In this way, based on values of mutual respect, students individually and as a body will experience an unforgettable few years.

            Enrolment period: From 2 Dec 2013 to 13 Jun 2014

            PERIOD OF REGISTRATION: From 1 to 7 Jul

            *The college services the campus areas of Eskoriatza, Aretxabaleta, Mondragon and Oñati.



            If, instead of a residence place, you prefer to live out with other colleagues, the university helps you get in touch with others who wish to share by means of an online accommodation search.



              MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY has no transport service of its own, but there is a complete public transport network in and around the campus. Please consult the web pages of the relevant transport providers for their service timetables:




                Oñati Campus. The new facilities of the faculty are located in a modern building, comprising 8200 square metres, that is functional, of broad aspect, very bright and without architectural barriers. It consists of teaching classrooms, computer rooms, meeting rooms, offices for academic, administration and services staff, rest areas, cafeteria and areas to regain strength and meet the people who share space in this modern building. There is a spacious and light library, rooms for team working, a reading room, quiet room, media library, as well as a large auditorium with capacity for 250 people, that can be used for a variety of different types of activity. The complex is completed by a large parking area.


                Since its inception, the Business Faculty, in parallel with MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY, has followed the path of continuous improvement in order to offer its customers, students, companies and society in general training of quality and a better service.

                Through the care and hard work of our people, the faculty began to work, through the Basque Euskalit Foundation for Excellence, on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Management Model, and in 2006 we achieved the silver award that gives accreditation to the Basque government for quality management through Euskalit:

                Currently, following this objective of continuous improvement, we are working on a new organizational structure whose management basis is the Corporate Management Model that we apply to cooperatives within the MONDRAGON Corporation and that is very close to the EFQM model, especially in regard to the values and principles that characterise our cooperative entity.

                In the year 2009 we also received, in recognition of good linguistics management the Bikain Oro Certificate of Quality in Language Management, awarded by the Basque Government:

                Similarly, in 2010, our Faculty was the first university centre to receive the Emakunde award for our contribution to Equal Opportunities for men and women. It is a recognition to organisations committed to advancing workforce equality, given that Emakunde encourages initiatives that arise in the socio-labour field in favour of equal opportunities. In the case of the Business Faculty of MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY, we have developed an Equality Plan, being the first university in the Basque Country in undertake this.


                Following our progress towards continuous improvement, the Business Faculty has designed its Internal Quality Audit System, based on the UNIBASQ AUDIT programme (an agency which evaluates the quality and accreditation of the Basque university system) and ANECA (National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation), obtaining the corresponding Certification in 2011. If you want read or consult our SGIC-Audit you can select this link: Internal Quality Audit System of Enpresagintza AUDIT-UNIBASQ.