Master's Degree


The development of Master’s degrees responds to the challenge of an increasing level of specialisation required by a knowledge-based society. This offer basically responds to two profiles: a more “academic” profile aimed at young graduates seeking a focus on academic specialisation (vocational official masters’) or a more research-oriented focus (official masters’ research programmes) or a more “professional” profile aimed at professionals with work experience seeking to update their knowledge, techniques or tools, with a more targeted approach to the applicability of concepts to their professional environments.

The offer of Master's Degrees available at MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is characterised by the practicality and applicability of the training offered in line with our university model of proximity to the needs of businesses and other organisations. In addition, the learning model focuses on developing both specific and cross-cutting abilities and the constant updating of knowledge.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Business Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences


  • Master's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences