Work and Study

Alternancia estudios y trabajo / Ikasketak eta lana partekatu

At MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY we offer our students the option of learning in a professional working environment, developing technical and transversal skills of professional action at the same time as they participate corporately in a cooperative experience.

The students can combine their studies with part-time work through ALECOP, in a local company (Fagor Group, Ikerlan, Ulma, Orona, Alecop...) as more than 3,500 students of MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY have done in the last 20 years.

This, besides providing the student with an important source of income to finance their studies, represents complementary training in occupational skills, that is, in what it means to be working.

ALECOP (Actividad Laboral de Estudiantes en COOPerativa) is the main producer of educational-technical resources in Spain. It was created in 1966 as an industrial cooperative company, which allows the student to combine work and study, and which currently has 50 monitor partners and around 500 student partners.