Research model

Ikerketa eredua / Modelos de investigación

The strategic lines and principles the MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY research model is based on are:The connection between R&D, training, and innovacion:

MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY understands that integrating its three main activities –namely, teaching, research, and transfer– is the most effective way of increasing quality and fulfilling its social mission.

  • Collaborative research model:

The collaborative research model is based on research alignment, from oriented basic research to innovation, with the participation of three key actors: Universities, technology centres, and businesses through R&D departments. Alignment makes it possible to develop a critical mass of researchers, who are necessary to produce top-quality research and bring the university closer to businesses as the key to innovative dynamics and to the training of would-be researchers for businesses and technology centres.

  • Alignment with science and technology and social plans:

MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY considers that research must be in line with strategies to create wealth in the community. In this respect, it is the university's responsibility to ensure alignment with the present and future of the environment if it is to guarantee its development.