Enrolment Dates

1st stage, extended stage and 2nd stage

From 01/02/2007 to 20/06/2007

Times: from 8:30 to 12:00 and 14:30 to 17:30


Students must pay an enrolment fee of 30 Euros. This amount is non-refundable.

Place and Presentation of the Application

Students can enrol at any of the M.U. Centres, where they must indicate their order of preference for the chosen degree courses.

If required, enrolment can be requested via Registered Mail, in which case the student must contact the Faculty to request the enrolment envelope, which contains forms A, B and C and the receipt for the enrolment fee, including the original for the Faculty and a copy for the student.

Once the forms have been filled out and the payment made at Caja Laboral, they must be sent to the Centre where they were requested, together with a photocopy of the student’s official ID document, always by Registered Mail using the envelope enclosed for this purpose.

If any of the documents presented is found to be false the enrolment will become automatically invalid.