Bekabide - Grants

At the Polytechnic School we make sure that no-one is excluded from studying at the centre due to economic reasons. For this purpose, the following are available:


  • Official grants
  1. Registration fees
  2. Study material
  3. Inter-city transport
  4. Mileage allowance
  5. Halls of Residence
  • Additional grants for first-year engineering students
  • Grants for participation in research projects.
  • Grants for collaboration in support activities for the teaching activity.
  • Pre-PhD grants.
  • Grants to pursue advanced studies in foreign universities.
  • Erasmus Grants for work experience or regulated teaching in European universities.
  • Grants to carry out Final Year Projects.
  • Grants for Biteri Hall of Residence.
  • Grants for Large Families.
  • Grants for First Class Degrees.
  • Organising studies in order to combine them with a paid part-time job.
  • Leonardo Grants to carry out work experience in European companies or Workers’ Groups.

Besides all of the above, at BEKABIDE, we also provide special grants and we adapt payments to your economic possibilities to ensure that your studies are not an economic burden on your family. If you would like to start studying with no money worries we will draw up a plan for your studies, in which we analyse both your income and expenses.


We take on the commitment of awarding the grants as planned, whilst you pursue your studies at the Institution with satisfactory participation in the scheduled activities.


If you have any questions or you would like a simulation adapted to your individual case please contact us, we will be delighted to help you.



Faculty of Engineering



Tel: 943 712186