The Polytechnic School offers a series of services and infrastructures to its students in order to make their life easier throughout the duration of their studies.

It has a modern Library with wireless network, individual and group study rooms, computer room, PCs, scanners, photocopiers, printers and audiovisual equipment.

It has a Hall of Residence where students can stay throughout their years of study. It also has a flat finding service to help students who wish to rent a flat in the area.

It has a Dining Hall and Cafeteria where the staff and students at the centre can eat at economic prices. It also has two social rooms that are perfectly fitted out to ensure both staff and students can eat the food they bring from home.

In order to travel to Mondragón there is a range of transport services, meaning the students do not need to use private means of transport.

And as we are well aware that university life is not just about studying s, we also offer a complete sports service through which our students can enjoy varied sporting activities in their free time.