Technology Offer

Mechanical behaviour and product design

Industrial Design, Interaction and perception, prospective and market studies, sustainability, applied creativity, ergonomics, ecodesign.

Materials, Materials selection, property identification, materials library.

Design, Mechanical design, vibro-acoustic design, modeling, sound quality.

Prototyping, esthetic and formal prototyping, functional prototyping, mechanical prototyping.

Characterization of final product: Mechanical behaviour, identification of  noise and vibration sources, and air and structural transmission routes.


science, technology and processes of materials transformation

Materials, Steels, aluminums, HSS, Nickel, polymerics, composites, fluids.

Materials Technology: mechanical characterization, physics, chemistry, technological properties, manufacturability.

Design and development of production facilities, by casting y solidification, deformation and cutting.

Numerical modeling, Manufacturing technologies, media behavior, multiphysics.

Characterization of processing, Sensorization, monitoring, optimization of process parameters.

Characterization of final products, Mechanical behaviour, fatigue, corrosion, wear.


embedded systems

Sensorization, artificial vision, learning, artificial intelligence, safety, wireless communications.


information systems

Distributed and embedded systems, ICT Management.

SW modeling, early validation, reliability, telematics, safety,

ICT model management, enterprise architecture, semantic and social web, usability y accessibility, interoperability, SOA...


Electrical energy

Electronic design, Machines and converters design, storage, modeling and simulation, electrical components  design, material selection, analysis of new topologies

Prototyping, design and construction of prototypes of engines, converters, electronic circuits

Control, Analysis of control strategies, advanced control techniques

Experimental Characterization, validation and optimization of power electronic equipment.


organization and industrial management

Projects management, Phases management, Critical chain, new products launch, multiproject.

Logistics, Purchaising and supply, agile and efficient production, distribution.

Production Engineering, Reducing changeover times,  productivity increase, product  and process quality, management and availabitity for maintenance.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Organizational models, innovation management.