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The Telematics research team is composed by a multidisciplinary scientific team that works on different research lines within MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY. This transversal group contributes to most of the thematic and research actions envisioned by European and national research strategies in the domains of Energy, Transport, Climate change, Smart cities, Healthcare or Digital society (the cloud, mobility, social media, data mining…).

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Main research lines and knowledge areas.

Information and Communication Security

The main goal of this research line is to address the new challenges raised by the most recent developments and usages of information technologies by providing solutions to enhance the trust of individuals on the new ICT landscape through secure and trustworthy technologies. Our research group is contributing in areas such as: Social network security, embedded system security, security in SCADA, critical infrastructure security, security in industrial control systems or security in mobile devices and networks.


Intelligent Systems for Industrial Processes

This research line focuses on the application of advanced data mining algorithms to real world societal and industrial problems. More precisely, we develop projects for domains such as: health, information and network security, industrial processes, tourism, big data, linked data, etc. Our expertise areas are data mining applications (classification, clustering, optimisation), opinion mining, content curation, and emotion and sentiment mining.

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