Research Teams

Distributed Real Time Systems

The “Intelligent and Distributed Control Systems” research group is constituted by 10 researchers/lecturers and they have developed their research for 10 years. During these years the team has developed his expertise in Artificial Intelligence techniques (Neural nets, Bayesian nets, Genetic Algorithms and Use Cases),  Design and Development of Distributed Systems integrating Communications (networks and buses), Real Time OS, UML-based MDD and Distributed and Concurrent programming. The research developed by this team has a clear direction and integration with industry needs by participating in numerous projects with companies.

Research Areas

  • Intelligent Systems for the Health Industry

It focuses on data analysis to aid decision making and improving the quality of life of patients and healthcare professionals. To do so, we use pattern recognition and human behavior prediction techniques are used to help prevent disease, or improve quality of life.

Heterogeneous data sources are used following the Big Data paradigm, using medical histories, personal data or environmental data as some examples.
  • Distributed Control Systems
Specialization in three key areas in the Design and Development of Distributed Control Systems: Reliability, Predictability and Control Optimization and Scheduling
Moreover, the development of this research is oriented to embedded systems with reliability and real-time requirements across all the components of a distributed system, such as: communications, operating systems, and middleware.

Representative Projects

  • HEALTH-M: Sistema de monitorización en tiempo real de actuadores aeronáuticos para la determinación de fallos de funcionamiento y grado de operabilidad (Gaitek 2008-2011.)
  • ISMED: Intelligent Semantic Middleware for Embedded Devices (Departamento de Educación – Gobierno Vasco 2008-2010)
  • VISTREN:Desarrollo de nuevo sistema da comunicaciones, control y supervisión de trenes con funcionalidades avanzadas (Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología- PROFIT  01/07/2006-31/12/2008)
  • AMISEG; Prototipado de un red videocámaras autónomos inteligentes para la vigilancia de personas en entornos AMI (Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos – Gobierno Vasco, 01/01/2007-30/12/08).
  • AUTOCOM; Computación Automática: Componentes Software Autogestiona-dos (Programa Saiotek – Gobierno Vasco, 01/01/2006-30/12/07).
  • PRO2CONTROL; On-line control of drawing and blanking processes and of quality of the product by fusion of sensors and artificial vision techniques (European Comisión- FP6 project (,01/01/2005-30/12/07).
  • MICRO; Microconformado de chapa. modelización, desarrollo y caracterización de la tecnología (Gobierno Vasco – Universidad-Empresa, 01/01/2005-30/12/07).
  • Clasificación, clustering y predicción de series temporales (Departamento de Educación, Universidades e Investigación del Gobierno Vasco, 01/01/2005-30/12/06).
  • ALUHYDRO; Mejora de la conformabilidad de las aleaciones de aluminio. desarrollo de procesos de hidroconformado de tubo en caliente (Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (Investigación Científica),01/01/2004-30/12/07).

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