Student Guide (Practical Information)



The International Office will help you find accommodation.

If you will be attending Business (Oñati Campus), Engineering (Arrasate-Mondragon Campus) or Humanities and Education (Eskoriatza-Aretxabaleta Campus) Faculties, please follow this procedure below.

If you will be attending Faculty of Engineering (Orona-Ideo Campus), please see the following link:

Procedure to apply for accommodation (except for Orona-Ideo Campus): 

1) Apply for the Faculty that you are intested in studying / staying

2) Get the acceptance letter

3) Once you have the acceptance letter, start contacting the Hall of Residence and/or the Real State Agency in order to arrange accommodation, NOT BEFORE. Accommodation applications will not be attended if you don't send the acceptance letter. 


There are two options for Exchange and International Students living in Arrasate-Mondragon:

- Biteri Hall of Residence

- Shared Flats

For those students attending the Faculty of Engineering in Orona-Ideo Campus, please visit the following link:




MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY provides the students with Accommodation at the Residence



    The  residence is located in Arrasate-Mondragon, within the Faculty of Engineering (address: Loramendi, 4 - 20500 Arrasate-Mondragon (Gipuzkoa)).

    This institution is an organization that aims to serve you support for your studies. It will cover your basic needs with a great dorms and dining room, and it will also help you with your academic and non-academic formation.

    The hall of residence professionals aspire to be a support for you in your academic journey. Working together shoulder to shoulder will be able to get unthinkable challenges.

    In addition, the residence gives you the opportunity to, in a context of healthy living, making new and solid friendships. Thus, on the basis of mutual respect, we will be the principal actor of an unforgettable stay.



    The residence endorses the objectives and strategies of  the University, and it also provides with its own educational project trying to influence in complementary curriculum aspects.



    The responsibility of running the Hall is for the Coordination Team, and it is their decision to share that responsibility with all collegiates. The residence hall is a community whose foundation is the conviviality of everyday life and participation.

    In this chart you will find the way we organize ourselves. So, to guarantee the rights of all members of the community that make up the College, the community needs a law.



    Committee Hall Residence

    European University College Association

    Former residents




    The residence offers the following facilities for its collegiates: meeting rooms, study rooms, computer room, clubhouse (for games, etc.), classroom to rehearse and play music, multifunctional room, sport facilities, gym, photo lab, etc.

    Regarding the services, there is Wi-Fi connection in the whole campus, laundry facilities for personal use, dining room, media room...etc.




    You will see the services that will be available in the residence. The services in the residence are the next ones:

    • Rooms
    • Dining room
    • Installation



    The residence provides space for 197 students in single and double rooms.

    All rooms include a desk, shelves, wardrobe, hanger and telephone.

    We also have rooms for students with limited mobility.

    Specifically, there are 16 single rooms, 10 double rooms with bathroom, and 80 double rooms with shared bathroom.


    Double with a shared bathroom (not in the room)


    Double with bathroom


    Single with bathroom




    The residence has its own dining room and offers full board to their collegiates from Monday to Friday.

    There are a variety of menus and we also adapt to people with special needs such as: coeliac people, vegetarians, people who has allergies, diabetic, etc.

    For reasons of time, if you can not do any of the meals in the residence, we can offer you a sandwich or the ability to take the meal of the day in your own tupperware.

    Anyone can enjoy our dining service at a good price, as well as additional bonuses formula: having the ability to buy 5, 10 or 20 bonds.

    The dining area is also steeped in the spirit of the activities of college life. Every Thursdays, it is provided dinner of different countries: Mexican , Italian, Chinese , American  food…etc.




    Biteri prices





    Lander Balza









    Shared flat service for students is offered, by means of the University, by a Real State Agency, "GERTU".

    Contact them directly for information regarding conditions and prices, at: (Eva)