Student Guide (Practical Information)

MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY opens up its doors to all exchange students who wishes to take part in the Educational Programme we offer, situated in the environment of the Basque Country, providing you with services and a hosting structure, so that your stay will be optimum.


Getting to MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY we will explain you how you get to MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY

Location of the Faculties any doubts about the location of the faculties? Check it out here!

Accommodation have no idea about how to search for accommodation? This is the right place where to have a look!

Visa and Health Insurance worried about Visa and health insurance matters? There is no need

Transport find out more about the transportation system

Timetable and calendar each faculty has its own organization

Facilities in the Faculties libraries, computers, sports amenities,...

Other useful information still lost?

Language courses want to learn two languages at the same time?

Basque language curious about one of the oldest language in Europe, if not, the oldest?

Basque Country want to know more about our country?

International Staff meet us!!


irudia dron


Picture Basque Country - collage