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Alecop, S. Coop. focuses its operations on the development of projects and products for improving the quality of education.
Alecop is the company in the MONDRAGON Corporation that leads the development of educational projects abroad, being furthermore Spain’s foremost manufacturer of teaching materials.


To identify, evaluate and exploit the academic, business and commercial synergies arising from its business projects, largely involving projects in education.


In 1966, MU was the driving force and joint founder of the firm Alecop as it sought to ensure that students could combine their studies with work.


  • Improve the concept of combining studies and work, furthering the development of mainstream competences amongst studies and their ultimate assessment as part of the academic syllabus.
  • Cooperation agreement for the joint development of online services both within the sphere of higher education (MU+ Online) and in the development of training solutions within the field of Vocational Training (Alecop).
  • Collaboration on the launch of a new activity: MLS Mondragon Learning Services, oriented to offer different training services designed to meet the requirements involved in the instruction of large groups of people in business corporations and large companies (e.g. SAT staff training, etc). Currently incorporating a joint venture for the marketing of the MU model in its various forms: teaching model, lifelong learning and research and for its transfer to and exploitation in Latin America.