Research groups


BAHI-IALE is a research group of MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (HUHEZI) and is part of a line of research called Innovation and intervention in multicultural and multilingual societies (fields of Education and Communication)

This research group was set up in 2008 with two objectives: on the one hand, to promote the development of multilingual competence in school and university contexts and on the other hand, to analyze and investigate innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the area of foreign language or additional languages. Some of its members worked previously with other research groups as confirmed by publications, communications and research projects highlighted here. The group consists of researchers from different areas of knowledge: Philology, Psycho-pedagogy, Didactics and Communication, which facilitates the approach to the research object from different perspectives.

Current research fields are as follows:

  • Educational intervention in contexts where subject content and language are integrated, in compulsory and higher education. (Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL)
  • The attitudes of prospective teachers toward multilingualism and its influence on the development of plurilingual competence.
  • The influence and potential of technologies in developing multilingual competence.
  • Reading and writing processes in the development of a third language.
  • Language use and language learning awareness and its impact.
  • The impact of reflective practice in CLIL future teachers and in CLIL teacher educators.